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Famous Athletes from Malta

Sports are really interesting to most viewers. Some watch it to get their daily dose of athleticism, while others are more concerned with sports betting. Those two go hand in hand and bettors often turn to the internet, with the idea of using bonus codes to get more out of their online sportsbooks. People from […]

All About Basketball In Malta

Malta is a small island nation in the Mediterranean Sea with less than 500 thousand residents. While they do have representatives in a lot of team sports, neither the national team nor the country’s top clubs are much competitive on the international stage. Nevertheless, basketball in Malta is still somewhat popular, and the country has […]

Why Are so Many Gambling Operators Based in Malta?

Back in 2002, online gambling came to the scene and took the world by surprise! While the majority of the legal world was unprepared for these significant changes, Malta, a member of the European Union, saw this great opportunity and offered comprehensive licences to online casino operators. With this new licence, any online casino that’s […]

Travelling to Malta on a Budget

Contrary to popular belief, visiting a country located on an island in the middle of the Mediterranean isn’t that expensive. Most people think that Malta is a place that is visited only by the rich and powerful, but in truth, the majority of people who visit Malta spend less than $800 per visit. Malta is […]

5 Kinds of Sports Fans

In Malta, as all over the globe, sports is an immortal topic, like economy or politics – it is simply something people truly love to argue about. Every person might enjoy sports in their own unique way. Some people prefer bonus offers for betting on their favorite sports online, while others put on war paint […]

Motorsports in Malta

One of the most popular forms of entertainment for sports enthusiasts in Malta are motorsport events. It’s pretty hard to explain the level of interest the Maltese have in this type of sport, which is extremely high though, and you can’t imagine how much they enjoy watching it every day. You can find out more […]

Soccer in Malta – A Brief Guide to the Maltese Soccer Leagues

Malta, like every other country in Europe, has its own soccer league, or otherwise known as association football. Given that there is a tiered system in Malta, from their own Premier League to other, second and third tier leagues, Malta has a lot of football fans who love to engage in activities such as betting […]

The Top Malta Holiday Resorts

Malta is a great place to visit when on vacation. It has a nice, warm climate and offers plenty of things to see, as well as various activities you can do. If you do not feel adventurous and want to just visit a resort and enjoy, having a relatively passive vacation, here are the top […]

How to gamble legally in Malta

I am sad to say that I have never been to Malta. I would occasionally place a bet with bet365, make use of the bonuses (if I’m good, I sometimes get a bonus code), look at the pretty colors and so on – all the while fantasizing about the climate, the people and the culture. […]

Best Fun Activities in Malta

Malta is surely a popular tourist destination, especially in the summer given its geographical location in the central Mediterranean Sea, so many people are probably looking for leisure activities that are fun, exciting, affordable and suitable for the entire family. Known for its historic sites, Malta offers people who like to visit iconic landmarks a […]

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