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Famous Athletes from Malta

Sports are really interesting to most viewers. Some watch it to get their daily dose of athleticism, while others are more concerned with sports betting. Those two go hand in hand and bettors often turn to the internet, with the idea of using bonus codes to get more out of their online sportsbooks. People from Bulgaria could ask Какво представляват промо бонус кодове? and they would be right to ask so: it is incredibly important to be well informed when it comes to online sportsbooks!

Sports are also often watched for the athletes that partake in sports events. Every sport yields sportspeople who are widely cherished. While you may have not heard of it, Malta is actually very popular because of the number of incredible athletes that come from it.

Here are some famous Maltese athletes for those of you who did not know any.

Michael Mifsud

Michael Mifsud is a professional football player for the Maltese national team as well as a striker for a Maltese team named Mosta. He plays in the Premier League, which is, as the name suggests, the top tier league in Malta. Being a striker, he had plenty of scores for his national team, namely 42 in the period of 2000 until 2020. He is also the most capped Maltese football player. He was the only shining light in most Maltese games, particularly the ones where their team scored. He spent the most of his career playing in Malta, with some time in Norway and some in England. 

Sasha Gatt

Why not talk about someone who is currently starting their professional career, by competing at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Sasha Gatt is a professional swimmer, currently 16 years old. Someone who competed at the 2020, or rather, 2021 Olympics at the age of 16 as a swimmer, we are surely going to see her in the upcoming swimming competitions, as well as the 2023 Olympics. The world becomes more interesting when you know that young athletes are becoming more competitive and are challenging the currently reigning champions.

Carla Scicluna

Another young athlete, another competitor at the 2020/2021 Tokyo Olympics. Carla Scicluna is a 100m sprinter. Prior to competing at the Olympics, she had already won some medals in national competitions. She had also competed at international competitions, mainly the Youth Olympics Festival in 2017 and the European Championship for Small States in 2021. Being only 20 years old, her future as an athlete is looking bright, as we like to watch and cheer for young athletes. 

Rachid Chouhal

A Maltese athlete, born in Morocco, who specialized in jump and track and field effects, Rachid Chouhal won a lot of medals for Malta at the Small States tournaments. Currently retired, this athlete competed for Malta many times on the international stage, and won plenty of medals. He also competed at the 2012 Olympic games, late into his career, but no medals were taken home.

These are some of the most famous and interesting Maltese athletes, some retired, some really young and with a career still ahead of them. We praise the retired athletes and look forward to seeing more of the young ones.

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