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Soccer in Malta – A Brief Guide to the Maltese Soccer Leagues

Malta, like every other country in Europe, has its own soccer league, or otherwise known as association football. Given that there is a tiered system in Malta, from their own Premier League to other, second and third tier leagues, Malta has a lot of football fans who love to engage in activities such as betting and supporting their favorite teams. Here is a breakdown of how football is like in Malta.

Betting in Malta – A Favorite Pastime

Gambling is legal in Malta and well-regulated. A lot of online casinos go through Malta to obtain their licenses, no matter where they are based in the world. Maltese licenses are fair and provide safety for people who plan on betting online.

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There are plenty of football leagues in Malta, many of which offer exciting matches throughout the year.

Malta Premier League

Similarly to the English Premier League, the Maltese Premier League features teams which can be promoted or relegated. There are 14 clubs in the league, which play for the title of champion every year. The winning team gets a chance to qualify for the UEFA Champions League. There are three teams with a single championship between them. The Sliema Wanderers lead with 26 titles, behind them the Floriana with 25 titles and the Valletta in third place, with 24 titles.

The Maltese First Division

Right behind the Maltese Premier League is the Maltese First Division. There are 14 clubs in this division, as well as in the Premier one. The top two teams are promoted to the Premier league every year, while the bottom three are relegated to the Second Division.

The Second Division

Unlike the First Division and the Premier League, the Second Division only has 13 clubs. The top two are promoted to the First Division while the bottom two are relegated to the Third Division.

The Third Division

The Third Division is the lowest tier in Malta, under the government of the Malta Football Association. The third division has 13 teams, like the second one, only they are divided into two sections, A and B. The winners of each section are promoted to the Second Division. While teams cannot really be relegated from the Third Division, they still have to reapply every year, should they perform poorly enough.

The Maltese FA Trophy

This competition has 63 participating teams, the victor getting a chance to qualify for the UEFA Europa League. The teams hail from all the Maltese divisions, including the Gozo First and Second Division. Not all the teams participate, as some are not eligible due to their low position in the rankings.

All of the Maltese leagues are currently sponsored by the Bank of Valletta. They are often called the Bank of Valletta Premier League, First Division, and so forth. This is a brief summary of soccer, rather, association football in Malta.

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